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Accelonix EMEA | Modular iScan 420 T


Modular iScan 420 T


The nearly maintenance-free modusAOI modular was specially developed for transport conveyor modules in production lines. Existing lines can easily be retrofitted with the scan unit, which inspects the test item without interruption while it is being conveyed to the next processing station. The scanner, sensors and computer are integrated in the housing.

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-Typical configuration for the inspection of soldering paste, assembly components, coatings and THT solder joints

-Resolution: 600/1200 dpi 

-RGB colour filter on CCD line array: 21.360 pixels per R/G/B

-Colour depth 8 bit

-Light source: Multi-LED illumination or UV-LED

-Solder meniscus control by red light under 45°, optionally selectable, white, red LEDs

-420/300 mm [16.5×15.8 in.] scan width, length up to 550 mm [21.65 in.]

-Inspection speed for PCB with a size of 420 mm x 550 mm [16.5×21.65 in.] at 1200 dpi in 23 seconds including calculation time  Telecentric lens for parallax free image  Scan unit is nearly maintenance-free (no moving parts)

-Dimensions: 400x400x640mm,[15.6×15.6×25.2 in.] (WxHxD) weight: 40 kg[88 lbs.]

-Detection of barcodes and data matrix codes in any position and number on multi PCB´s

-Intel Core 2 Quad 2.83 GHz, 8 GB RAM Network card 2 x 1GB / s, SSD hard disk, Windows 7, keyboard, mouse, tough monitor

-System-independent interface definition for the conveyor belt  Connected loads: 230 V / 50 Hz or [110V/60Hz], power consumption 750 W, temperature: 5°C to 35°C

-Component clearance: 40mm, max. conveyor speed: 3.5m/min. (58mm/sec.

-Recommendation: Conveyor length: (2 x PCB length + 400mm)


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