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Accelonix EMEA | Takaya APT-1400F


Takaya APT-1400F

Flying Probe Test

The APT-1400F is the Next generation Flying Probe Test System which has an unprecedented performance in terms of Test Speed, position accuracy and Test Coverage.

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-Flying 4-Heads and Six Z Mechanisms in addition to the four standard moving probes the APT-1400F is designed to use a further two Z mechanisms. These can be either moving Vertical Probes or IC Opens Test Probes. This leads to an une-qualled ability to contact difficult test points and contact at different heights.

-Improved “soft touch” controls virtually eliminate probe contact marks without compromising probe speed. New probe tips are available, including dagger-head probes for through-holes and inverse-cone-head probes for connectors, to fully utilize the advantages of the new vertical probes.

-Highly Accurate Measurement System includes three 4 Quadrant sources and measurement systems with 16-bit ADC/DAC. AC sine and square waveforms generator and a frequency counter, providing the ability to perform dynamic characteristic tests of components and circuits. Capable of measuring very small capacitance.

-Strong and Rigid XY Stage made from highly polished granite. The XY Stage has been completely reviewed to achieve faster moving speeds with a 25% improvement in positional accuracy.

-Ultrafast Test Speed with the use of new technologies test is speeded up by up to 50%.

-Improved Optical Test System gives AOI functions including Colour, LED, Missing, wrong orientation, positioning error, Barcodes and 2D Barcodes, OCR and Library and Real Map.

-Easy User Friendly Software with the aim to cut down your time to programming Test.

The Speed and precision of the Takaya APT1400F is breath-taking. Its versatility in Test is perfect for many applications. The ability to combine greater functional abilities leave the APT-1400F in a class on its own in Flying Probe Technologies. The versatility and speed that the platform presents will allow customers to move into production with ease and flexibility.

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