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UniCam Fx – NPI solutions for electronics


UniCam Fx software from Siemens PLM Software is a true 32-bit upgrade to the electronics industry’s leading solutions for PCB Assembly. Users will enjoy the same benefits of UniCam in an updated working environment enabling greater ease of use with additional functionality. For new users, UniCam Fx provides a solid entry solution for standardizing PCB Assembly process planning, machine programming and generating process documentation and hand insert instructions.

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-Fast and accurate CAD/BOM recovery including part shapes and net traces

-Process assignment across the PCB assembly line in minutes rather than hours

-Machine programs generated in minutes including support of mixed lines

-Full sets of documentation including hand insert instructions are automatically generated within user defined templates

-Native CAD imported from 65 different platforms including nets and traces Automated assignment between different processes across the PCB assembly line

-Machine program generation for 100 different platforms including the most commonly used SMT, THT and dispenser equipment

-Automated generation of manufacturing documents and hand insert instructions within user configurable templates

-2D viewing capabilities for board a circuit query including first article inspection and electronic publishing of documents and work instructions

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