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Accelonix EMEA | RoadRunner Family



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RoadRunner Family

Device Programming

The RoadRunner family streamlines the manufacturing process, reduces cost and minimizes operator errors for a lean manufacturing process.

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Just in time programming. The RoadRunner slides into a slot on the SMT pick-and-place machine. A four-probe operation takes devices from tape input to place in sockets for programming. After programming a conveyor delivers the devices to the SMT machine’s pick-point just-in-time for placement on the circuit board just in time.

Manage last minute code changes with ease. Last minute code changes inevitably happen when new products are being manufactured. With RoadRunner you can ensure devices are programmed with the most current code before they’re placed on the PCB board eliminating reprogramming devices on board or post assembly.

Reduce Operator Errors with Factory Integration Software for RoadRunner3. Factory Integration Software (FIS) monitors and manages the programming process with FIS Remote and FIS Track by connecting to your MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

FIS Remote provides remote control of RoadRunner3 eliminating job selection and downloads by the operator ensuring the correct data is programmed.
FIS Track enables automated collection and export of programming results for data driven decision making.

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