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TestWay Express is a powerfull NPI tool that can combine various types of inspection and test strategies within an integrated productionflow.

Testway Express will compute test coverage for each individual test strategy, but also combines the coverage for the complete production line. It will compare the computed, theoretical and real test coverage from the testprograms running in the production.

The test scenarios and test line combinations are created by simply drag and drop from the extensive tester list available in Testway Express.

The TestWay open architecture is based on a testability framework that interfaces to a variety of plug-in modules that provides both import and export opportunities, as shown below:

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By simulating various combinations, the user can quickly evaluate the benefits of each solution in reducing the number of false calls, diagnostic inaccuracies and eliminating overlapping tests, resulting in a reduction of the overall test time.

Additionally Testway Express will generate the input files for each test stage that reflect the selected strategy.

Supported test platforms are AOI, ICT, Flying Probe testers from Takaya , Agilent, Goepel, Teradyne and many more.