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TPQR [Test Program Quality Report] is powered by TestWay, the world-wide reference coverage analysis tool, helping users to quantify and qualify the test coverage for a wide range of inspection and test equipments.

QuadView-TPQR is a “low-cost” test coverage analysis tool. It allows users to compute the test coverage by importing the test program or test report from a wide range or test/inspection machines used within the industry. It generates detailed HTML and MS-EXCEL reports for each individual test stage, but also consolidates the coverage for the complete production line.

TPQR checks the ability of each measurement/inspection test to catch certain defect types based on component type, value, tolerance, board connectivity, component location, shape, pitch etc. It is built around QuadView, the suite of next generation viewers for the Electronics Industry. Utilizing this powerful layout and schematic viewer, it allows users to visualize coverage at both device and pin level.

It supports more than 35 test models including AOI, AXI, BST, FPT, ICT, and MDA, as well as a wide range of test/inspection machines used within the industry.

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Key Product benefits

Ease of Use

Visualize the test coverage provided by the test and inspection equipment, by simply importing the test program.

Scalable-License migration

Convert the TPQR configuration into TestWay, enabling more sophisticated analysis capabilities.

Wide range of test & inspection

Import test program or test report from a wide range of test & inspection systems such as Acculogic: ScanNavigator, Scorpion, Sprint; Aeroflex: 42xx; Agilent Technologies: i3070, 5DX, SJ10, SJ50; Asset; Corelis; Dr. Eschke: CR350; Flynn Systems: onTAP; Goepel: CASCON, OPTICON; JTAG Technologies; MIRTEC: MV Series; MYDATA; OMRON; Orbotech: S22, TRION, VT9300; SAKI; SEICA: VIVA; SPEA: 3030, 4040; Takaya: APT8xxx, APT9xxx; Teradyne: Z1800, Spectrum, GR228x, TS124, TS128; TRI: TR7500, TR8001; VISCOM; VI-Technology: Vi Series; XJTAG and YESTech.

Coverage Analysis

Powered by TestWay, the world-wide reference coverage tool, helping users to quantify and qualify test coverage. It is designed for use by board manufacturers (CMs) and their customers (OEMs), for providing precise, detailed, and impartial test coverage metrics such as PPVS or PCOLA/SOQ.

Full CAD support

The projects used for test program generation within FabMaster, TestExpert or CAMCAD are imported by TPQR in order to modelize & visualize board layout. Alternatively, a wide range of layout format could be imported such as Cadence, CADIF, GenCad, GenCam, Mentor Neutral, ODB++, Orcad, Pads, Protel, Zuken…

Comprehensive Reports

Create HTML reports for test coverage, presented as a board level overview, or as explicit coverage information on selected items. The reports have been designed to be navigated by a simple Internet browser. Users can share advanced and standardized interactive reports throughout design & test organizations.

MS-Excel spreadsheet

Excel report indicates the ability to detect device Presence, Polarity, Value and Solder defects for each part.

Color assignment

Visualize test coverage on components and pins using the “traffic lights” color coding:

Green = Well tested ;

Orange = Partially tested ;

Red = Not tested.

Fully Interactive Cross-probing

Enable fully interactive cross-probing between test coverage reports and board view.

Takaya Boundary-Scan optimizer

Optimize existing TAKAYA test programs by removing redundant test steps when the Takaya is combined with Boundary-Scan test equipment.

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