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QUAD (QUality ADvisor) is a flexible modular Quality Management system built around a centralized and open architecture database, providing traceability for any PCB electronic production data. QUAD covers all quality aspects of PCB assembly, sub-assembly and system build, allowing you to manage the quality data flow from product realization to product retirement. It has been designed to be used either standalone or to be easily integrated into any existing production environment.

It offers a powerful support for PCB fault diagnosis and provides access to detailed information in real-time that can be presented clearly and precisely using advanced reporting. This allows users to analyze real-time information, in order to diagnose and resolve process problems at the earliest opportunity to improve yield, quality and productivity, which will ultimately result in lowering cost.

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QUAD comprises of the following modules:

  • QuadRecorder module allows automatic access to all test and diagnostic results generated by ATE (ICT, FT, BST, FPT, AOI, AXI and other dedicated systems).
  • QuadStation module analyzes the data presented to the repair and diagnostic station, to allow the operator to quickly fix the detected fault and graphically input repair data into the QUAD database.
  • QuadReports module produces quality management information and reports in real time through intranet or internet.
  • QuadSetup module allows operations such as; user account management, system configuration, import of external data, export of database records and system monitoring with the aid of the automated dashboard feature.

Key Product benefits

Ease of use

Flexible modular software application that is easily integrated into an existing quality system organization, or used as a stand alone application.

Empower continuous quality improvement

By maintaining a history of all product defects, users can share their knowledge and experiences in resolving problems and participate in the continuous improvement in the quality of the product, thus maximizing customer satisfaction.

Based on Industry Standards

Interfaces with industry standard relational database environments, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP MaxDB, Borland Interbase, Access… etc.

Maximize performance

A high level of performance is achieved by adopting innovative programming technology to optimize database access.

Paperless repair

Intuitive GUI provides hyperlinked interaction between fault ticket, schematic/layout viewers & defect advisor panel for ease of diagnosis and repair.

Clear and precise reporting

Quality management information and reports provided on demand, clearly and precisely using advanced reporting.

WEB reporting

XML compatible for web presentation of quality report and repair data, available anytime and anywhere via the internet.

Real-time process alarms

Real-time alarms to quickly identify process problems and immediately alert staff to allow quick and remedial action.

Product history and tracking

A complete history of the product manufacture and test process provides access to historical data to quickly identify problems that have occurred before.

Immediate cost savings

Increase revenue by improving team productivity by eliminating non-value added tasks, simplifying administrative procedures and automating the workflow.

Ease of maintenance

Networking contribution is minimized in order to allow ease of maintenance.

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