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GEOTEST : Test Funcional

A subsidiary of Marvin Engineering Co., Inc., Geotest - Marvin Test Systems, Inc. is a global producer of PXI and PC-Based test equipment and test solutions. Located in Irvine, California and with a worldwide network of distributors and representatives, Geotest is an ISO-9001 company producing hundreds of products for the electronics test industry.

Our portfolio of PXI, PC and GPIB based products address a wide range of automated-test applications and includes the broadest offering of "smart" PXI chassis and PXI digital instrumentation in the industry. And our ATEasy software offers the industry’s only integrated test executive and test development software framework specifically designed for test and measurement applications.

Since 1988, we’ve provided our customers with a head start in thousands of military, aerospace, semiconductor, communications, medical, and industrial applications. Whether you need test and measurement hardware, application development software, integration services, or turnkey systems, Geotest can give you head start on the road to a successful solution.


Products and Services

Geotest develops and manufactures off-the-shelf and custom products and solutions for automated test, research, design and manufacturing applications. Our products include:

ATEASYATEasy - a versatile test executive and software framework for test, measurement, and data acquisition applications. ATEasy makes it easy to create and maintain test applications by providing virtually every tool you need to develop and maintain software components—from instrument drivers to complex test programs to customizable test executives.
A broad line of 3U and 6U PXI chassis, instrumentation and controllers. With over 20 different chassis configurations, our Smart PXI chassis product line offers the industry’s widest selection and options for slot configurations, UUT interface options, system power, and embedded / external controller options.
High- speed and static 3U and 6U PXI digital I/O instrumentation. Offering test rates to 200 MHz and programmable logic levels of -10 V to +15 volts, our digital products feature the highest performance and most cost effective PXI digital test solutions in the industry.
Innovative PXI analog instrumentation. Geotest’s PXI instruments include DC and AC sources, a precision reference / standards module, high performance counter / timers, a multi-function RF analyzer, and high power / dual channel user power supplies. These instrument offerings, when combined with ATEasy, our chassis and other PXI component enable our customers to create and deliver compact, high performance test solutions for mixed signal and digital test application.
3U and 6U PXI switching cards including matrix, multiplexer, and RF multiplexer configurations. All Geotest switch cards feature easy to use, reliable, and integration friendly, D-sub style interface connectors – a feature unique to Geotest PXI switch cards.
Cost-effective replacements for legacy instrumentation. Geotest offers a line of 100% form-fit-function replacements for pulse, function, and arbitrary waveform generators originally supplied by HP and Wavetek – extending the life cycle for aerospace/defense test systems and test program sets (TPSs).
Rugged testers for flight-line and field use. Geotest has designed and delivered a variety of specialized test products and systems for military customers. Products include the portable and flight-line qualified MTS-206 which supports the U.S. Air Force’s Maverick Missile System. Geotest also offers the MTS-207, a commercial version of the MTS-206 which can be customized for specific flight line and I-Level test applications.

Other products and services include:

Turnkey systems and pre-configured functional test platforms for commercial and military applications. The Geotest Systems Division has created turnkey test systems for applications such as digital cellular, telecom, video, geophysical, industrial, transportation, aircraft platforms and weapons systems. And our pre-configured PXI-based platforms offer customers outstanding value and focused solutions for mixed-signal and avionics applications.
Test system design, fabrication and integration services. Our systems test division can supply Test Requirements Document (TRD) and Test Program Set (TPS) development; Interface Test Adapter (ITA) fabrication; documentation creation (operation and maintenance); and operator training

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