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Miyachi Unitek : Encapsulados

encapsuladoSeam sealing is an established solution for space & military & high reliability optical hermetic components.  A pulsed discharge welds the lid plating metallization, and a joint is formed to a metal seal ring on the package. The sealing process is low temperature.

Projection welding is widely used for discrete transistor and oscillator packages.  A contact resistance is formed by an apex ridge on lid.  The metal to metal seal is formed around the complete circumference by a single discharge.  The heating effect is considerable, the weld pulse between 1000J up to 9000 Joules for very large packages.

Accelonix/Miyachi Unitek and the division Benchmark propose complete range of solutions for metal joining.  The Benchmark equipment maximize advantage from the high performance power supplies from Miyachi Unitek – to propose highly reliable sealing results.



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