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Teradyne : Rayos X Automático

Automated 3D X-Ray Inspection

XRAYXStation MX is our flagship Fully Automated X-Ray inspection station. For high density double-sided boards with obscurations, the full-featured XStation MX includes our patented ClearVue™ 3D imaging technology that provides the highest level of fault coverage with the lowest False Call Rates in the Industry. The system also employs TraX™ our high throughput 2D techniques allowing you to choose the inspection technology used on your boards.

For programming the XStation MX uses XFrame™ a GUI  based programming solution that allows automated generation of inspection programs from CAD.

Teradyne's XVer™, XStation Repair and Verification station, provides networked access to all defects found by the system with high quality defect images. Data is processed using your defect codes and reports can be generated using XStat™, The XStation’s
statistical process control module.

For distributed test requirements Strategist™ enables manufacturers to standardize test and inspection strategies, implement and monitor the optimized strategy globally. Strategist provides manufacturers with valuable data on optimized test strategies such as identified escapes, overlaps, test time, yield, along with allowing users to further optimize strategies with their actual DPMO (Defects Per Million Opportunities) data.





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