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Finero launches a unique T&M Product Series – Quanti!

Finero is proud to introduce a general test and measurement product family, QUANTI, that can comprise of a combination of functions, e.g. such as electrical safety and digital multimeter (DMM) or LCR meter (inductance, capacitance and resistance).

The Quanti range of functional and electrical safety testers, and a combination of them, is believed to be the first of its kind, as users can have the necessary test and measurement meters depending on the type of tests to be carried out. This reduces the need to stack different kind of test and measurement equipment on each other on R&D test bench. Quanti T&M equipment family has at least 13 different models, which can incorporate among others DMM, Hipot, Ground Bond, etc. functions accommodating the general test & measurement needs in labs, production and type tests.
For more information please have a look at our QUANTI product page.


Newsletter Noviembre Accelonix Ibérica 2012

Newsletter Noviembre de Accelonix Ibérica, continuaremos informado de las novedades que van surgiendo de nuestra empresa y nuestras representadas, para mantenerle al día de las nuevas tecnologías que van surgiendo en el mundo de la electrónica y microelectrónica. Puede descargarsela desde aquí.

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Tour virtual Matelec 2012

Tour virtual Matelec 2010

Le invitamos a que se de una vuelta por el stand de matelec que tuvimos en 2010 y 2012.
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